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Jared Wilson for Poway City Council

Public Safety's Choice to keep Poway the Safest City in the County

Endorsed by Deputy Sheriff's, Poway Firefighters, District Attorneys, and Police Officers.

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Why I'm running: 
My wife and I chose to raise our family in Poway because of the City's commitment to public safety, family environment, and high quality of life. I will be raising my family here for the next twenty years and I am invested in Poway's future. I'm running to make sure Poway stays on the right track. My commitment is to maintain public safety and our quality of life- all while staying fiscally responsible. I am grateful for your support and sharing this vision.
- Jared Wilson

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About Poway District 2

Poway District 2 covers numerous communities in North, East, and South Poway.  Valle Verde, Green Valley, Old Coach, Stoneridge, High Valley, Iron Mountain, Sycamore Creek, Bridlewood, and Summerfield are all neighborhoods in Poway County Council District 2.  The District Population is just over 10,000 residents.  Poway High School, the Maderas Golf Club, and Lake Poway are all in District 2.  District 2 is primarily single family residences.  Poway District 2 has large amounts of open space and was heavily impacted by the Cedar Fire in 2003 and the Witch Creek Fire in 2007.

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